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The largest Alpine Lake in North America, Lake Tahoe and surrounding streams and regions was a resourceful paradise for the resident Washoe Native American Indians, prior to its discovery by John Fremont in 1844.

Native tribes collected medicinal plants, fished in the abundant waters, hunted and gathered materials for tools. But the 1860’s, when silver was discovered and mined in nearby Virginia City, and a vibrant lumber industry took off from the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe, the area rapidly changed

Nowadays, North Lake Tahoe is a mecca for winter snow for sports enthusiasts. The area offers many lodges, resorts, casinos, restaurants.

For outdoor activites, Tahoe has two distinct seasons of winter and summer. In the warmer months Apr-Oct, both sides of the lake offer tons of trails for hiking and biking, lakeside camping and leisure spots, guided outdoor, with perfect conditions for cool water activates, such as boating, fishing, parasailing, jet skiing and kayak/SUPing. There is even river rafting on the Truckee River available at times. Plus, there’s lots of secluded sandy beaches and that cradle this pristine lake.

The resorts on the Northshore offer live entertainment (ala Las Vegas circuit) of top-notch new and older bands preform. In the past, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Cher and many more put Tahoe on the map.

Residents and thousands of visitors alike enjoy the natural beauty, crisp clean air, cool waters and all the art, shopping, dining, music entertainment that go along with making Tahoe the world’s most beautiful alpine lake destinations.


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